Oil biscuits with sesame
Oil biscuits with sesame

Oil biscuits with sesame

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If you're someone who finds it difficult to concentrate ... these are your biscuits! Among other ingredients, their high antioxidant content makes it a good food for improving your concentration! 

Product composition:

Wheat flour, olive oil, sesame, salt and yeast.

Product description:

Bread dough formulated from a mixture of wheat flour, oil, sesame, salt and yeast, and then cut into irregular and baked rectangular units.

Each package contains 300gr of product.

Allergens (Presence, absence and / or traces).

Cereals with gluten and derivatives Presence Nuts and derivatives Absence
Crustaceans and derivatives Absence Celery and Derivatives Absence
Huevos y derivados Absence Eggs and derivatives Absence
Fish and Derivatives Absence Sesame and Derivatives Presence
Peanuts and Derivatives Absence SO2 and sulphites Absence
Soy and Derivatives Absence Lupines and Derivatives Absence
Milk and dairy products Absence Molluscs and derivatives Absence

Genetically modified organisms(GMOs).
Contains or is composed of GMOs? No
It has been produced by GMOs or contains ingredients produced by GMOs? No

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