Our business

We are a small family business with a passion for making olive-oil biscuits. We love our work and are delighted that people throughout Spain are enjoying our products and like our way of doing things. If you think like us, you´ve come to the right place. If you don´t, well, why not give us a try? You won´t regret it!


Maria is adventurous, amusing, a real team player, sympathetic – oh, and demanding!
She´s also a fine footballer, playing as goalie in a women´s team.


Administration, Human Resources, Corporate Social Accountability, branding and promotion
Empathetic, generous, sociable and sincere.
Antònia loves to travel, and so far has crossed five continents./p>


Packaging and Warehouse
Active, practical, courageous and organized!
Maria loves yoga and tai chi.


Production and purchasing
Emilio is the man behind the creation of Galletes d´oli ARTÀsanes.
An innovator who is always to be found on the shop floor, he is both responsible and enamored of his work.
He likes walking through natural landscapes.


Pep is an enterprising, happy guy, attentive to everyone, gentlemanly and a byword for integrity.
At weekends, you´ll find him somewhere along the road in his motorhome.

Frankly, we don´t want to be an online shop any more. Quite simply, we want to be YOUR shop.

Using 100% natural products, with no preservatives or colour, which are vegetarian and vegan, therefore also halal, put together using only the best olive oil.
We aim to be a business with a social conscience, bringing our tiny grain of cereal to the fabric of the world so as to make it just that bit better, if we can. We work actively with various social projects and try to be environmentally responsible, using only packaging which is 100% recyclable in the yellow bin.
We pride ourselves on meeting all orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, using the very best processes. We continue to be passionate about doing our utmost, and offering you the very best service we can.

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